Sean Spangler and Kelly Putnam Unofficial Site

More than $5,500,000 in loan defaults, Clark County, Nevada.

Sean Spangler, a k a, “Spank” (and appropriately so … they really did spank the banks for $5.5 million in loans. Sean Spangler is now a felon (Money Laundering; Drug Grow House case). U.S. case # 2:11-CR-029 … GUILTY!

Caveat Emptor

Latin — literally, “let the buyer beware.”

Shady, Dirty Real Estate Dealings

Let me be perfectly clear why I publish this website. I know certain things to be true. I have personal knowledge of facts. I do not publish libelous information. It is backed by fact. I know what Sean Spangler has done. I know that he took money paid to him in rent for properties he’s owned and did not then use that money to pay mortgages on the properties. Foreclosures commenced, evictions were instituted, and a number of people were none too happy at the results. In my opinion, Sean Spangler is a crook, a con artist and a scammer; he’s hurt people, and I’m here to set the record straight.

Alleged Short-Sale Scam

We are waiting on our source to release the audio transcript to our site PLEASE STAND BY …

Shane M. Sickels

S.W.A.T. and other agencies raid 764 Dibasio Ct.

Pot plants found … allegedly in the hundreds.



Spangler and Sickels, in the Spangler/Putnam residence (Heale Garden Ct.) for a birthday party, August 17th 2008. As Spangler put it to our source, business partners (alleged).