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More than $5,500,000 in loan defaults, Clark County, Nevada. Sean Spangler, a k a, “Spank” (and appropriately so … they really did spank the banks for $5.5 million in loans. Sean Spangler is now a felon (Money Laundering;… Read More

Shady, Dirty Real Estate Dealings

Let me be perfectly clear why I publish this website. I know certain things to be true. I have personal knowledge of facts. I do not publish libelous information. It is backed by fact. I know what Sean… Read More

Alleged Short-Sale Scam

We are waiting on our source to release the audio transcript to our site PLEASE STAND BY …

Shane M. Sickels

S.W.A.T. and other agencies raid 764 Dibasio Ct. Pot plants found … allegedly in the hundreds. OH WHAT A PICKLE FOR SEAN SPANGLER AND SHANE SICKELS !! Spangler and Sickels, in the Spangler/Putnam residence (Heale Garden Ct.) for… Read More